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OPPO Scacroiliac Stabilizing Belt

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Sacro Belt

OPPO Scacroiliac Stabilizing Belt

The OPPO Sacro Belt stabilises the sacroiliac joints and symphysis pubis.

It provides support and compression to the lumbar and hip regions. 

Relieves strain on muscles and ligaments caused by a pendulous abdomen. 

  • May be used post-partum and following traumatic injury. 
  • Relieves instability and stress through compression of the sacroiliac joints. 
  • Reinforcement strap provides additional compression if needed.
  • Hook and loop closure for easy application.  
  • can also be used to help reduce lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy. It helps relieve pain by gently lifting the abdomen. 
  • Comfortable - made from breathable elastic and soft pile bonded to foam.

Measure on hip size


921 - 968mm

36.25 - 39.125"



How to wear:

  • For use as Maternity Belt:
    1.Position belt just below belly for support.
    2.Bring straps to back and fasten securely.
    3.Pull side straps to adjust tightness then fasten.
  • For use as Waist Belt:
    1.Wrap belt around the waist.
    2.Bring straps to the front and fasten.
    3.Pull side straps and secure to desired compression.



  • Pregnancy
  • Low back pain


Washing Instructions

  • Wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


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