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Military Field Dressing 20x19cm

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Military Field Dressing 20x19cm

Product Description

Featuring all the benefits and unique features of the TraumaFix dressing above, the Military version is packaged to allow for the specialised environment in which it is likely to be used. The package itself is manufactured from a waterproof fabric that protects the dressing under extreme conditions. Thoughtful design is evident from the distinctive green camouflage packaging, a colour that is carried through to the dressing itself allowing a serious wound to be dressed and camouflaged simultaneously. A single use, sterile product, carefully designed for a serious job.

  • Highly Absorbent Dressing Pad
  • Sterile Pressure Bandage
  • Quick Fix Fastening
  • Easy and Fast Self Administration
  • Applies Pressure whilst the casualty is being moved
  • Military Personnel Camo Packaging
  • Offers Amazing Absorption of Fluid
  • Vacuum Compressed Packing
  • Labelled with Full Instructions
  • Advanced Absorbency Protection
  • Size 20x19cm


Tear apart at the conrner indicated by the arrow.

Place the highly absorbent dressing pad over the trauma.

Apply direct pressure whilst securing the pressure bandage.

Secure instantly with the velcro style fastening.


Please note:   Product is sold individually.  If not in stock, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

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