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Bathroom Conversions

Bathroom Conversions & Adaptions

We specialise in all kinds of bathroom design and installation with one of our specialities being special needs bathroom projects.
Working primarily with homeowners but also on behalf of nursing homes, hospitals, property developers and local authorities and county coucils, we can install feature rich bathrooms for less abled users which can incorporate a range of products designed to improve usability and safety.  Our disabled bathrooms installations are to the highest quality standards in homes throughout munster.


Features we can incorporate into your special needs bathroom:

- Access ramp installations.
- Domestic disabled alarm systems..
- Grab rails.
- Shower seats and low level enclosures.
- Level access shower trays.
- Level access wet floor.
- Classic and custom walk in baths.
- Bath lifts and bathing benches.
- Low and high level disabled toilets.
- Concealed and exposed anti-scald valves.

We provide an all-in-one approach to our installations, working with our clients.  We will provide full consultation service and work with designers, customer's Occupational Therapist and care providers to ensure your bathroom perfectly fits your needs and fully complies with council standards and guidelines for less abled bathroom installations.

Through our partners, Ambicare has over fifteen years experience specialising in home conversions, bathroom adaptions, ramp installtions and other necessary changes that may be required.  We ensure high quality standards for our customers and keep our prices amongst the most competitive in the market.



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All Access Changing Room Bathroom
All Access Changing Room Bathroom

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