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ST2 Mobility Scooter

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ST2 Mobility Scooter

This lightweight scooter can be disassembled for easy transport and weighs only 42.5kg which makes it a lovely choice for people who like days out or travel regularly. The ST2 Mobility Scooter has a height adjustable, rotating seat which makes mounting and dismounting the scooter much easier for the user. The armrests and handlebars are width adjustable so the scooter can be set to the perfect height for the user. The ST2 Mobility Scooter offers amazing value for money as it also comes with fitted reflectors and illuminated controls to improve visbility. 

  • A range of 6 miles on a fully charged battery
  • Can be disassmbled for transporting
  • Swivel seat for easy transfers (360 degree rotation)
  • Height adjustable, profiled and cushioned seat
  • Plug and wire free connections for quick dismantling
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Delta bars
  • Removeable Front Storage Basket
  • Horn
  • Puncture proof tyres 
  • Fitted Reflectors and Illuminated controls 
  • Anti Tip rear wheels as standard
  • Anti Roll back safety feature
  • Freewheel Facility to allow movement of scooter without switching it on
  • Battery pack 2 x 12 ah airline friendly batteries
  • Weighs 42.5kg
  • Maximum weight capacity 21st

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