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Banana Board Seated Transfer Board

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Banana Board Seated Transfer Board

  • Curved board shape allows side to side and straight transfers.
  • The Banana Board Transfer Board had tapered edges allow easy insert and removal
  • Patented curved shape for easy transfers
  • Suits a wide range of body shapes and sizes
  • Non-slip pads for safest use
  • 62cm x 26cm
  • 0.9kg product weight
  • 12/6mm thickness
  • Maximum weight capacity 30 stone (200kg)

Banana boards are used for transferring a person from one seat to another by bridging the space between the two surfaces. The patient can then slide across the board without needing to be lifted or hoisted. The Banana Board PRIME Seated Transfer Board retains many of the advantages of the Q2 Board but is smaller in size. 

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