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LILLE Bed and Chair Pads 60 x 90cm

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LILLE Bed and Chair Pads 60 x 90cm

These Bed Pads have been designed to an extremely high standard of quality. This product contains Virgin Fluff Pulp, a material purpose-built to retain many times its own weight in liquid, providing the user with complete peace of mind.

Featuring a blue polyethylene waterproof backing that shields the bed from any urinary leaks for added protection. These pads also have a diamond shaped wicking which maximises absorbency; by spreading the liquid across the pad.

Units Per Pack: 35

Style: Without Tuck In Flaps

Width: 60 cm

Length: 90 cm


Absorbency: 1430ml

Size: 60x90cm

Colour: White

LILLE HEALTHCARE CLASSIC Bed Pads Regular 60 x 90cm (1430ml) - pack of 35

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