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Straight Stair Lifts

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Straight Stair Lifts

This Essential stairlift combines attractive, classic style with affordability. Simplicity at its finest, the Essential E120 provides you with two great benefits: 

  • A safe and reliable stairlift.
  • An attractive price that suits a limited budget.

With its slim profile and neutral colour, the Essential offers you complete peace of mind, greater freedom within your own home, from a proven, trusted supplier.

  • Maximum user weight limit: 120kg (19 stone).
  • Minimum staircase angle: 25° degrees.
  • Maximum staircase angle: 50° degrees.

Installation is quick and easy.

Important Key Features

Joystick Control

The easy-to-use joystick offers finger light control. Just push the joystick to the left or right, to move the lift in the direction of travel you want to go.

Call and Send Units

In addition to the joystick, you can also move your stair lift using one of the two call-and-send units we supply with all of our stairlifts.

Manual Swivel Lever

Your Manual Swivel Lever allows you to rotate the chair to face the top of the stairs, to ensure a safe departure from the lift upstairs.

ICS Diagnostic Display

The new Intelligent Control and Diagnostic System (ICS) innovative display provides instant operational information on the stairlift functions, the current status of the stair lift and when a service is due. Your ICS is a truly remarkable technology for both you as a user and our technicians.


Seat Belt

The E120 Stairlift range comes standard with a secure alterable lap belt. In addition, retractable, or five-point harness seatbelts alternatives are also available as an optional extra:

  • Lap Belt.
  • Retractable (automatic).
  • Harness.

Continuous Charging Strip

The Continuous Charging Strip (CCS) runs along the length of the rail making sure that the batteries are constantly being charged. So no matter where you park the chair on the stairs your lift is always available for use - even in the event of a mains power failure.

Telescopic Seat Post

The E120 Essential seat posts can be adjusted to ensure the stairlift chair is set just right for your personal requirements.

Pressure-Sensitive Edges

Located on the footrest and the carriage, pressure sensitive edges stop the stairlift when they sense any obstruction in their path.

Emergency Holding Button

For added safety, an emergency holding button is supplied to stop the stair lift instantly when pressed.

Electromagnetic Brake

The E120 Essential braking system is linked to the stairlift motor and gearbox and ensures the stairlift remains parked when stopped.

Barrier Arm

As an additional safety feature, MediTek stair lifts do not operate unless the down-side arm is down and in place.

Key Switch

A key switch is fitted to every stairlift to enable you to switch the power to the stairlift on and off.

Designed to fit all straight staircases, this stairlift in general, also includes the following features and benefits:

  • Folds away neatly.
  • Blends into your home surroundings.
  • Causes little obstruction to your stairs.
  • Safety is of high importance. Every stair lift goes through a thorough testing regime and contains several safety features.

All straight lifts are made to order following a survey of the user's home.  You can arrange a survey by calling our Engineer directly on 087 2956762 or call the office on 061 991999 to arrange a suitable appointment time.  Our Engineer will call, survey your stair case, discuss user's needs and provide you with a quote based on the user's requirements.  We work very closely with Public Health Officials and Occuptaional Therapists in the Community.


We also facilitate local authority housing adaptation grants and will give you every assistance we can to help the user apply for same.


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