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UltraLite 480 Boot Scooter

UltraLite 480 Boot Scooter
UltraLite 480 Boot Scooter
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UltraLite 480 Boot Mobility Scooter

Electric Mobility’s RASCAL UltraLite mobility scooters have a proven reputation for quality, outstanding design and reliability.

The 4 wheel UltraLite 480 mobility boot scooter delivers the ultimate in lightweight, transportable scooters, supporting your independence.

The easy to transport UltraLite 480 can be easily dismantled in seconds. No cables or connectors to worry about. Quick-release latches, conveniently positioned lifting handles and very manageable components with the heaviest individual piece weighing only 8.6kg (29 lbs)!

The compact UltraLite 480 is easy to store and can be stored vertically in your home if space is an issue. Disassembled, it fits easily into most car boots.

With its narrow, stable design, clear controls and comfortable, lightweight seat, the UltraLite 480 is a pleasure to drive.

Summary of features

Car Transportable four wheel scooter

Dismantles without tools

Convenient lifting handles

Heaviest part 8.6kg(29lbs)

Removable battery pack for off-board charging

Easy to use controls

Swivel Seat and flip up armrests

Charger storage in battery box casing


Overall length:  102cm (40")

Overall width
:  51cm (20")

Maximum rider weight
:  113kg (250lb)

:  2x12Ah

Battery pack weight
:  10kg (22lb)

Heaviest component weight
:  13kg (29lb)

Seat weight with arms:  7.3kg (16lb)

Maximum range:  Up to 13km (8 miles)

Total weight:  41kg (90lb)

Ground clearance:  5cm (2")

Maximum speed:  6km/h (3.8mph)

Front wheel size:  17.5*5cm(7*2")

Real wheel size:  20x5cm (8x2")

Colours Available:  Scorpio Black or Artic White

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