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ZOLL Adult CPR-D Padz Five Year

ZOLL Adult CPR-D Padz Defibrillator Pads - 5 Year

This unique one-piece pad incorporates a pressure sensor, which allows the rescuer to know in real-time the effectiveness of his CPR compressions and modify his technique accordingly. Compression depth is shown on the Zoll AED Plus’s LCD screen. The AED Plus also responds with voice prompts that gives the rescuer immediate feedback such as “Good Compressions” or “Push Harder.” This advanced technology is enormously significant since most lay people do not compress to the AHA’s recommended depth.

Additionally, the CPR-D Padz don’t just have advanced features, they are also easily maintained. With a shelf-life expiration date and battery expiration date of five (5) years, an attached rescue kit—which includes barrier mask, gloves, razor, scissors, and both a wet and dry wipe, these pads make AED ownership a breeze.

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