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4 Wheel Migo Rollator

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4 Wheel Migo Rollator

The one-handed folding mechanism developed by Drive Germany enables the Migo Rollator to be folded and unfolded safely and easily. Flip-up seat activation allows quick and comfortable handling. The folding mechanism is securely locked with the seat catch.

The Migo Steel Rollator with Basket and Tray features:
  • The handle in the large seat has a dual function as a grip when the rollator id folded, and as a hand grip to pull the rollator when it used as a shopper. 
  • The Migo is almost 25% lighter than similar steel rollators. 
  • Reflectors are provided in several places for enhanced road-safety, especially at dusk and dark winter periods. 
  • Excellent functionality and manoeuvrability. 
  • The Migo Steel Rollator is 22 inches in width which means it is narrower than many other rollators.
  • The lightweight, narrow frame makes the Migo Rollator a brilliant choice for use indoors especially where doorframes are narrow or space is limited. 

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