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Molipants Soft Fixation Pants 5pack large

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Molipants Soft Fixation Pants 5pack large

MoliPants fixation pants are made from a light, soft and breathable mesh fabric.They have an underwear-like appearance and feel with soft cuffs in the leg and waist area that do not cut into the skin.

Constructed with perma-elastic threads allow the fabric to form to the body for stability and security without constriction. The snug yet comfortable fit of the pants holds the pad securely in place.


MoliPants Specifications:

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Available in Med, Large & X-Lge
  • Suitable for use with our iD expert and maxi pads
  • Available to buy in packs of 5 or packs of 25.
  • Please note: the MoliPants are not supplied with pads. 
  • The pants have interwoven colour strips for size identification. 







   60 - 100cm (24 - 40")  


   80 - 120cm (32 - 48")


   100 - 160cm (40 - 64") 

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