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Spill Not Jar & Bottle Opener

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Spill Not Jar & Bottle Opener


Stubborn bottle and jars can quickly become messy when they suddenly and violently open spilling there contents everywhere. Defeat this problem with the Spill Not Jar & Bottle Opener.

Conveniently fit any round glass or plastic container into one of the three conic openings and with one hand easily open the firmest bottle tops and lids. Held securely within the openings, you never have to worry about it tipping over or wiggling loose.

Spill Not Jar Opener enables opening bottles
with just one hand

The Spill Not Bottle and Jar Opener heavy duty plastic rectangle with three inverted rubber cones. The three cones ensure a super fit for any size jar or bottle. 

With non-slip rubber feet on the base your jar or bottle will be held securely to the counter top or table.

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