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Straight Stairlifts

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Straight Stairlifts

Our straight stairlifts are one of the most popular types that are installed in Ireland. Straight stairlifts are more cost effective than the curved versions as it is simply a case of checking your stairs meet the requirements and installing it.  Our straight stairlifts can be easily installed in a few hours and normally would suit 95% of staircases presented to us.  Our straight stairlifts run on two batteries which means it won’t stop in a power cut.  We also have various safety systems in place which help to prevent accidents or injuries which includes sensors and a seat belt.  We can provide our straight stairlift solutions throughout Ireland and simply get in touch with us to get a fast quote based around your needs.  



The Horizon Straight comes in two models: Standard & Plus ModelsThe Standard features a weight limit of 120kg (19 stone), together with a slimline seat and all the essential features to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. A manually operated swivel allows you to safely turn the seat to face the landing at the top of the stairs.

The Plus model comes with Platinum’s ERGO seat and an increased weight limit of 140kg (22 stone).  The Plus can also be upgraded to feature a powered swivel, in the event that you are unable to turn the seat yourself.

The Horizon rail can incorporate a hinge, so that when not in use, the lift will not obstruct any doorways or access routes in your home.

Additionally, the Horizon is the perfect choice for use outdoors – all Horizon models can be upgraded with an Outdoor kit, making them weatherproof.


Horizon Standard

  1. Fixed seat and seatpad
  2. Manual swivel
  3. Maximum user weight limit 120kg
  4. Anodised aluminium single rail
  5. Rail angles 25° to 55°
  6. Digital diagnostic display in carriage
  7. Infra-red remote controls
  8. Lap seat belt
  9. Switch joystick control

10.Optional powered hinge

11.Optional Platinum Horizon outdoor

Horizon Plus – As Standard, with the following extra features:

  1. Revolutionary Ergo chair
  2. Maximum user weight limit 140kg
  3. Fully adjustable seat and seatpad
  4. Digital diagnostic display in arm
  5. Ergonomically designed joystick
  6. Retractable reel seatbelt
  7. Adjustable sideways footrest
  8. Dual lever linked footrest raisers
  9. Rail angles 25° to 62°

10.Optional powered swivel

11.Optional powered hinge

12.Optional Platinum Horizon outdoor



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