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Molimed Comfort Maxi Pads 28 Pack

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Molimed Comfort Maxi Pads 28 Pack

Discreet protection for light incontinence.

MoliMed Comfort Maxi pads have been designed to be worn in a user's own underwear with an adhesive back helping the pad to stay securely in place.

Ideal fit and contoured shape with soft foam elastics along edges for maximum wearing comfort. Pads are white, with waterproof backing - providing security and enhanced discretion. The inbuilt three-part absorbent core ensures strong leakage protection. Fluid is guided quickly into the centre of the core and locked away safely, leaving you comfortable and confident.

  • Light urinary incontinence
    Suitable for case of stress incontinence or for use as a maternity pad
  • Absorbency: Maxi
  • Designed to be worn with close fitting underwear
  • Adhesive strip keeps pad in place
  • Integrated odour neutraliser
  • Elastic leg gathers - provide a comfortable fit around the crotch area
  • Dermatologically tested and has a skin friendly pH 5.5 top layer which helps natural skin functions
  • Pack Size: 28 pads.


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