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The Handybar Mobility Handle is a tool designed to provide extra support for you when entering and exiting your vehicle.

Equipped with a seat belt cutter and side-window breaker for emergencies, the Handybar is perfect for people with limited mobility due to recent surgery, back or leg problems and pregnancy.

The Handybar facilitates getting in and out of the car for those with physical issues such as arthritis by providing solid support and leverage. It features a quick and easy locking system by using the existing door striker on both driver and passenger doors.

Handybar Features:

•Great aid for those with limited mobility.
•Helps you enter and exit your vehicle without struggling.
•Completely portable.
•Includes emergency seat belt cutter and window breaker.
•No vehicle modification required.
•Works on both passenger and driver side of vehicles.

Who is it for?

People with physical challenges.

People recovering from surgery.

People with back or leg problems.

Expectant mothers.

People with vehicles low to the ground.

People with trucks and SUV's.

Handybar Mobility Handle Specifications:
•Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
•Color: Red with white detail.
•Ensure your vehicle has two bolts or screws attaching the striker to the door frame.
•If your vehicle has a light switch in the striker, be sure the Handybar does not interfere with its operation.


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