Through Floor Lifts

A Through Floor Lift, also known as a home lift or vertical platform lift, is a type of lift that provides vertical transportation between different levels of your home. Through floor lifts travel between multiple floors, typically from the ground floor to upstairs in a house.

Through Floor Lifts Ireland

How Through Floor Lifts can help

Through floor lifts are the perfect solution for people who may have difficulty using stairs or who require a wheelchair or mobility aid, providing a safe and convenient way to move between floors in your home without the need for complex renovations.

With a through floor lift, you can effortlessly move between floors, allowing you to maintain your independence and access all areas of your property with ease. These lifts are designed to be spacious and perfect for wheelchair users.

Through floor lifts come in various dimensions and are equipped with user-friendly controls and safety features to ensure smooth and secure operation.

Take the first step towards improved accessibility and independence with our range of through floor lifts. Contact Ambicare Healthcare today to arrange your free on-site survey and quote. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect through floor lift for your home.